Thanksgiving Day is a day of giving thanks, a day of giving, a day of receiving, a day of sharing, a day for celebrating the harvest, a day for remembering the hard labor, a day when differences were settled between the Indians and American settlers, a holiday, a feast day, a day when family and friends gather together, a day of counting blessings, a day of saying grace, a day of eating, a day of drinking, a day when millions of turkeys are served on platters, a day when millions of lives are sacrificed, a day when millions of hearts stop beating, a day when gallons of blood are spilled in fields and factories, a day when pounds of flesh are unceremoniously devoured on dining tables, a day of  increasingly insatiable appetites, a Thursday followed by Black Friday, a day of shopping, a day of spending, a day of buying, a day of selling, a day of commercials and advertising, a day of fantastic promotions, a day of super discounts, a day of mega sales, a day of big deals, a day when millions of products are sold, a day when millions of dollars are made, a day when millions of employees are overworked and underpaid, a day when scores of trees are deforested and acres of land are devastated, a day when miles of air and sea are polluted, a day when a lot of sense is lost, a day of credit and debt, a day when economic prosperity fuels ecological imbalance and social unrest, a day of gratuitous and ungracious excess, a day of waste, a day wasted, a day of really long lines for incredibly short satisfaction, a day when empty souls are filled with useless junk, a day of destructive addiction, a day of obsessive compulsion, a day of mass consumption, a day when hordes of consumers are consumed by greed and desire, a day with loads of traffic jams and tons of crowds, a day when swarms of unruly customers storm the stores, a day of pushing and shoving and fighting over nothing, a day of mob violence and human stampedes, a day of costly encounters, a day of tragedies, a sad day, a dark day, a black day, a day when shadows see the light of day, a day that will ultimately come to an end...

-- November 27, 2014


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