he was not from there.  he was from somewhere other than there.  he was from somewhere else, from who knows where.  he came here from there, from somewhere other than here.  he came, then, from there.  he is therefore not from here, you know.  in another place, in another time, there he was, and now he is here.  here he is still.  he is still here.  there are many differences between here and there. here is much different than there.  everywhere here is different from anywhere there.  here is the difference:  everything is different.  everyone here is different.  or, in other words, there is the difference:  it is all different.  always different.  anyway … where is he now? nowhere, really.  who is he now? who knows?  no one really knows.  here is a stranger in a strange land.  another stranger in another, stranger land. in this no man’s land no man from afar ever knows who i am or who you are.   there is no way, no how, to know at all.  no man knows anything about anybody.   no one knows anyone, then.  no man knows anybody other than himself.  here comes everybody.  however, there is nobody else.  there is no one here, or there, or anywhere.  by himself, alone with his lonesome self, he is never himself.  he is someone being somebody else.  he longs to belong to someone.  he longs to be not apart, but a part of something.  but he is a long way from there.  he is not all there, really.  he is all over the place.  he is lost in time and in space.  he wonders if there is anybody out there. and then nobody answers … here!






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