stop doing this stop doing that stop working so hard stop worrying so much stop thinking about things stop wishing things were different stop hoping for a break stop believing what you hear stop the nonsense stop it stop it now you’d better stop or else stop smoking stop biting your nails stop staying up so late stop staring at the computer screen stop typing stop searching stop looking for who knows what stop scanning the headlines stop surfing the web stop wasting time stop procrastinating stop stalling stop dillydallying stop lollygagging stop fidgeting stop your whining stop crying over spilt milk stop arguing stop complaining about this that and the other stop comparing yourself to others stop being so critical stop being so mean stop being so naïve stop being silly stop being indifferent stop fighting the system stop trying to change the world stop meddling in other people’s affairs stop messing around stop fucking up stop jerking off stop getting distracted stop losing track stop feeling down on yourself stop fooling yourself stop running away stop hiding stop making excuses stop saying the same thing over and over again stop repeating yourself stop asking questions stop changing the subject stop everything stop … and start over


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