A new beginning.  Winter camera in the

blade of morning, sphinxes on the coast, the Sun,

credential of the sky.  The permanent

monologue of the wind.  Day and night being

abstractions.  Time,

glass bell jar, triumphant.

The vegetation

Of dunes has resisted everything.

Sunset smile on the cream sand,

Two butterflies are thankful.

Simultaneous planes: nuance

of green and blue in high

definition. Gust of plants

thinking, near esperanto,

and a mute sky of clouds.

The digital blue converses

with the eloquent southern wind.

But the white, by no means, illuminates itself

By some means,

Our Lady of the Dunes. You

don’t look indifferent at all this.

On the contrary, you disappear

Making room for the labyrinth desire, dull flowers

Or distant ship.

The veranda is a deck

Where bamboo mobiles resonate.

Someone forgot to turn off

the sea machine.


Rodrigo Garcia Lopes (Translated by Marco Alexandre de Oliveira)


Copyright © Marco Alexandre de Oliveira –

All Rights Reserved